ColorOS 7 Based on Android 10

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ColorOS 7 Update Download: Oppo, Realme Phones List & Best Features

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Here are some tips to help keep things locked down on your Oppo. Passcode protect apps : You can lock individual apps behind a passcode or fingerprint scan. Lock apps behind fingerprint : Once you've gone through the previous step it'll suggest you use a fingerprint to unlock the encrypted apps select "use" and now you can access those locked apps with a fingerprint scan. Now select "add a fingerprint" and go through the enrolling process. Enable facial recognition : If you'd rather use the camera-based facial recognition, go to the fingerprint, face and passcode settings and choose "Face".

Now tap "Enrol Face" and go through the face scanning process to enrol it.

Oppo Reno 10x Zoom 20+ Tips and Tricks

Use face scan to unlock apps : Once enrolled, you'll see an option in the Face settings called "Use face for". Tap this, and you'll be able to use it to unlock your encrypted apps, or access your private safe. Clone apps : If you have two accounts for some services for personal and work or any other reason , you can create clones of some apps, allowing you to separate setups for that app. For the most part, it's social media and messaging apps. Uninstall an app : To uninstall an app, just tap and hold the icon, then tap "uninstall". If you have the app drawer enabled, you'll need to swipe the apps up from the bottom, and then tap and hold the icon in the drawer.

Now toggle the option to add a shortcut to your home screen to make it easy to get to. Now you'll get a pop-up window with "Use fingerprint or face recognition" on it, tap that, and you'll now see your private safe folder, with sections for audio, photos, documents or other files.

Before doing that though, you can choose "Apps Allowed to be Accessed" and choose which apps your children can use. With it activated, it stops all the background tasks, reduces screen brightness and stops the phone from vibrating when you touch it. With this activate, battery life should last longer. One tap to save power : Right at the top of the battery settings, in the bold battery level graphic is a option called "One Tap to Save Power". Select it, and you'll be taken to a new screen breaking down what needs to be shut down in order to extend battery life. Closing power-draining apps, or switching off location services, for example, are among the options.

Show the battery percentage : Right at the bottom of the battery settings, you'll find a toggle to switch on the percentage indicator in the status bar.

A hit and a miss: Oppo Reno 10X Zoom and Nokia 9 PureView reviewed

Switch it on, and you'll see a numerical value inside the little battery icon at the top of your screen. Activate it, and your phone will automatically guess when you might be asleep ie: when your phone is idle for a while, late at night and then stops all the background processing to save as much battery as possible while in standby. See which apps are consuming power : Again in the battery settings you'll find "Power Consumption Details".

Tap this and it'll show you a breakdown of which apps and functions have used how much of the consumed battery so far for the day, as well as offer break downs of the past few days.

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Tapping on an individual app shows more granular data. Zoom with the volume buttons : By default, you can switch between the cameras and zoom by either tapping on: or dragging: the "1X" on the screen, but if you open the camera settings by tapping the little cog in the corner of the camera viewfinder screen you'll see a "Volume Button" option. By default, this is set to act as the shutter and take a photo, but you can choose to have it zoom in and out instead by pressing up or down.

You can also just have it control the phone's volume as normal if you don't want either of the other two. Shoot at 48MP : By default Oppo's automatic mode binds four pixels into one, creating a megapixel picture. However, if you want to shoot at the full megapixels available, go to "Photo Ratio" in the camera settings and choose " 48MP ". Switch AI recognition off : Like so many other flagship Android phones, the Oppo uses AI to determine what's in the scene, and adjusts capture settings to match.

If you'd rather not have this, you can toggle the "AI Scene Recognition" toggle off. Add a watermark : Just underneath the AI toggle in the camera settings, there's a watermark option. Switching it on lets you add your own custom text to stamp your name on all your images. Flip your selfies : Again, in the same menu, there's a toggle switch to flip your selfies, so that instead of processing a mirror image, it does the opposite.

Add a filter : Taking a photo, tap on the three dots in the top row of icons. Now you can scroll through a handful of filters. Mess about with beauty modes : Switch the phone to portrait mode, and flip the camera around so you're taking a selfie. Now tap on the little yellow face icon. Here you can adjust how much touching up you want the AI to do, whether that's smoothing skin, or changing the size of your facial features. Before the first one, it'll ask for access to various permissions, once that's done, you'll get a three second countdown and it'll start recording. Tap on the red floating icon on the screen to stop and save the file.

Add quick settings tiles : Drop down the quick settings shade from the top and tap on the icon that looks like three lines, with a single line pointing down next to them near the tiny settings cog at the top. This opens up all the quick settings options available, so you can drag and drop them, or rearrange them. Split screen : By default, split screen multitasking is enable. To launch it, swipe upwards on the screen with three fingers while you're in a full screen app. You can cancel it by performing the same gesture.

One-handed mode : Another option in the quick settings shade is one-handed mode. Drop down the shade, find the one-handed mode tile and tap on it. Now everything shrinks down in to the bottom portion of the screen. You can tap the little green arrow at the bottom to switch it over to the left side, or tap the arrows at the top to make it full screen again. See unimportant notifications: By default, Oppo's notification filters out notifications it thinks you won't find important. To see those, drop down the notifications from the top and tap on the little inbox icon next to the "x".

This then shows you the messages it has filtered out.

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