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Alcatel 1X review

However, the Alcatel 1X smartphone has already been announced by Alcatel. The entry level smartphone will be shipping with Android 8. The smartphone looks long due to the which is rapidly becoming a thing in smartphones of all categories. The upper and bottom are trimmed to accommodate more screen space. Much like other entry level smartphone, the Alcatel 1X is quite on a low resolution display.


It ships with a X pixels on a 5. It is not much but it is acceptable at the entry level and enough for day to day usage.

Alcatel 1C specs

Entry level smartphones are generally known for their not too large battery capacity. This is largely due to the fact not much power is needed considering the little specs it offers.

The Alcatel 1X and 1C phones for seem as exciting as yesterday's toast, but these budget Android devices fulfill an important role for people who need a basic phone for around one-tenth of the price of the Galaxy S9 or iPhone XS. Although it may not have the name recognition of newer premium brands like Google's Pixel and even cult favorite OnePlus , Alcatel's achievement as a global phone brand that's quietly been selling entry-level phones for years is remarkable at a time when Chinese compatriots like Huawei and ZTE find themselves in the cross-hairs of a political predicament that threatens their ability to sell phones and networking equipment.

Alcatel 1x Android Go Phone Hands on, Go Apps, Camera at MWC 2018

Part of China's TCL, which is best known for its budget TV business, Alcatel only makes handsets rather than the telecommunications devices that elicit so much concern. The Alcatel 1X is the slimmer, lighter and more advanced of the two.

Alcatel 1X 5059D (2018), Black/Dark Gray

It has thin bezels in the ratio seen on every high-end phone, and a no-slip backing that feels textured in the hand. It's not a beautiful phone, but it's also inoffensive, especially once you slap a case on it. It looks like I'll have to add another phone to my best cheap smartphones post with the Alcatel 1X sitting at the lowest price of any on that list. Samsung rolling out Galaxy S20 update with enhancements, including camera improvements.

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Alcatel 1X Evolve Coming To Metro By T-Mobile – BWOne

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