Is Apple Podcasts the best podcast app for iPhone?

Google just bought Fitbit, and earlier this week reports emerged that it is partnering with the nonprofit health giant Ascension to collect patient data.

How to track steps on iPhone using the Apple Health app

Apple has long taken a different route , going directly to users and marketing its products as self-tracking health aids. Tanya Basu. Here is our annual list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies. Plus: why predictions matter and how to get better at them. Humans and Technology Nov 14, Apple just released an app that tracks your heart, hearing, and menstrual cycles.

Inside Apple's team that greenlights iPhone apps for the App Store

Image Luke Chesser via Unsplash. Antonio Regalado Warmer weather could slow the spread of the coronavirus Karen Hao.

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The predictions issue Here is our annual list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies. More issues. Our team Tanya Basu The coronavirus pandemic is a game changer for mental health care.


Charlotte Jee The UK could face a year of social distancing. It is an app everyone should own to help them keep track of their expensive Apple equipment. Install it and protect your device now while it's cheap rather than regretting it later when you lose your device! Set it up once and forget it! This report can be given to the police to aid them in recovering your device if it is stolen. For more info visit www.

If you send your device a push and someone swipes to unlock the device while the push is still on the screen, FoneHome will start up and transmit the device's position regardless of whether the app was previously running. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Continuous GPS is only active when you place your device in 'Lost' mode. Updated: Still the best overall essential app because u can send a text to ur thief and snap a photo when they read it which is auto-uploaded along with their location; and they can't stop that.

How cool is that!

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Location history is very useful, the last position reports, I wish that could extend further like to the s google latitude can but without all the other features. The VoIP feature works for me in Internet explorer xpSP3 but not in Firefox because the flash settings dialog box is blank when it pops up on call initiation even with flashblock and all blockers disabled. So just try other browsers until it works. Like skype.

Victim of its own success

Useful if thief takes out SIM card! Set check in to 10 mins and gps report to 2 hours.

Uses very little battery and enables fast photo capture of thief. U can see where it's at instantly with other apps but a quick response for photo taking will prove invaluable. This app works very well and gives very precise locations when you want them.

Find My: How to use Apple’s new all-in-one app to find friends and devices | Macworld

The only annoying thing is that it makes you market their product and get a referral sign up before you can use the camera taking picture ability in stealth mode. I understand their marketing strategy but not all of us like hawking products to others. They should give that mode with the purchase price, or charge a little bit more for it if you want it. I lost my phone and I thought it might have fallen out of my car at the grocery store, and I was going to drive 20 min.

But then I remembered I had this app, so I looked it up on my computer and it told me it was at my address.