How to Install and Download Google Play Store on Huawei China Phones:

You have to take few simple steps to do this job, have a look.

There are a lot of WhatsApp problem and solutions which we already discuss in our previous topic. Step 2: Locate and tap to open WhatsApp icon in the All apps window. During deleting the data from WhatsApp you will get an confirmation message, press OK to delete them. It is recommended that you must have to clear cache and clear data within a regular interval to resolve the WhatsApp running slow or not working properly issue.

Sometime your WhatsApp does not working properly and showing hanging problem many time on your phone. In that situation you have to turn-off your smartphone and again switch on your phone after few seconds.

Honor 8A install play store

When your phone is switched on it not only refresh your device but also remove the pressure from the RAM. There is one of the main reason due to WhatsApp running slow or not working properly issue due to not updating your WhatsApp. If you got an updated version of WhatsApp then you have to immediately updated WhatsApp on your phone.

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There are lot of tips and tricks of WhatsApp which helps us to resolve lot of issue. Most of the person have lot of sim and they have to regularly change them in his smartphone.

How to Save Videos on WhatsApp on Android: 10 Steps

Due to changing or removing the sim card from your device WhatsApp is running slow or not working properly. All we know WhatsApp is running only on registered number so you have to insert your registered sim. Many of those who are android lover and tinker can easily manage this feature with every app. With the simple editing procedure, you can enable this feature in any of the devices with EMUI 5.

They are free on Play Store. Now come to the point, if you want to use this feature with every app then you need to use root enable explorer and edit the file.

WhatsApp is running slow or not working properly?

After setting got done, reboot your honor device and you will see a clone enhancement on your honor device. We strongly recommend doing a backup before making any editing in the root explorer browser file local. Finland - Suomi. Hungary - Magyar Nyelv.

Download and Install Google Play Store on any Huawei and Honor device

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