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Combined with the fact that it takes up almost the entire front of the device, the display does stand out. There are no holes to be found here with camera lenses getting in the way of the view and there's no notch making the entire handset seem asymmetrical. The 1. With Vivo's latest premium mid-ranger, users have the entire 6.

Looking beyond the appealing aesthetic and convenience those aspects represent, every millimeter of that is super responsive and the in-display fingerprint sensor doesn't show through at all except via the purpose-driven animation. There's simply nothing to dislike about the panel at all, with its bright accurate colors or pitch blacks. Try though we did, we could not find a single point of lag with the Vivo V15 Pro. That's despite opening up dozens of applications, swapping between them repeatedly, and running some of the Google Play Store's most intensive games.

Remarkably, that performance extends to every aspect of system level performance from the camera to the UI and fingerprint scanner as well.

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The latter of those software implementations fires up the device in well under a second. Turning on or off the gadget is smooth and quick too — on par or ahead of its competition in the top-end price bracket, even. There are, of course, undoubtedly circumstances where some slowdown is bound to occur at some point for some users. There is, after all, no such thing as a perfect phone. The battery life we experienced fell into a similar category thanks to the AI-enabled chipset and optimizations.

Now, battery life is highly subjective and results are going to vary for any user with any smartphone. Regardless, with no power savings turned on and moderate usage, getting more than a full day's use from a single charge is no problem at all.

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Charging is equally impressive despite the use of standard micro USB. The one area where great battery life simply isn't going to apply regardless of how the V15 Pro is used is when the handset is used for gaming, in particular with the game boosting features active.

Those are claimed to reduce frame-rate drops by percent but will certainly drop the battery faster. In fact, battery drop can increase significantly at that point, draining the battery in just a few short hours. Because charging is so rapid and that first minutes of charging goes quite a long way, that isn't necessarily going to become a problem for the average user.

Audio with Vivo's new premium-built device is not mind-blowingly good but, compared to other handsets available across the entirety of the Android spectrum, it doesn't disappoint either. As is and will almost certainly always be the case with the tiny speakers found inside smartphones, the Vivo V15 Pro emits something that really wouldn't be acceptable in a dedicated music-listening device.

At the same time, the range of tones that usher forth from the bottom firing speaker is actually very good. Sounds that aren't in the lower registers are clean and balanced. Low tones are present but have almost no power. Higher frequencies tend to be just the slightest bit too tinny. Audio through the included hard-tipped headphones, on the other hand, exceeds expectations and should ensure that those who buy this handset won't need to go spend extra cash on another pair.

All of that means that, with headphones on, this handset is going to tick all the right boxes for all kinds of media even for audiophiles — who will probably have their own headphones ready to go already anyway. Bluetooth will provide a similar experience since Bluetooth 5. Without headphones or a secondary speaker, the Vivo V15 Pro will be more than workable for basic media playback or notifications and even better than most smartphones in its price range. But users shouldn't expect too much either. The earpiece functions very well and is both well-balanced and plenty loud.

The microphone, tested in a Wi-Fi call, performed admirably, with no complaints at all from the receiving party. The one major caveat for those who are interested in picking up the Vivo V15 Pro is going to be its connectivity options. Although Bluetooth 5. We tested out the handset via a T-Mobile backed MVNO and quickly realized there was no way we were going to get the smartphone connected.

No NFC is included either, but Vivo does offer a 'data-free' cross-platform file sharing app called EasyShare for that side of close-quarters communication. The only drawback is that doesn't support tap-to-pay functionality. One of the two slots in the drawer pulls double duty and can be used for micro SD storage expansion instead for cards up to GB. If the signal strength and solidity of other connectivity methods are anything to go by — or any number of other aspects of this device — there won't be any problems on that front at all for most users. Having said that, potential buyers are definitely going to want to check and double-check first to ensure their network bands work with this smartphone.

Those who are familiar with Vivo's software overlay won't notice a lot of changes with the latest handset from the manufacturer and those accustomed to iOS will find a nicely situated middle-ground between that OS and Android. For those who aren't used to either, there is going to be a bit of a learning curve. An Android 9 Pie-based variant of Funtouch OS is installed on the Vivo V15 Pro that, as can be guessed from the paragraph above, resembles something between the world's two most popular mobile operating systems.

Funtouch OS 9 leans heavily towards Android in terms of customizability and overall features but there is no app drawer to be found. Users can create folders to save space and place apps on the second home screen rather than filling up every screen but that may take some getting used to for some.

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That quirkiness also extends to the use of a swipe up on the home screen to pull forward the standard quick settings menu. Usually, that's found just beneath the notifications in the notification shade. Notifications, the date, time, and power levels are all that's left in the upper notification shade. Our test unit received no fewer than four updates in the time since it was received, including both features, system, and security.

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VIVO V15 Pro Review – Pretty, Reliable, And – Unavailable

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