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Or maybe everyone in your area is just horrible. So now when I desperately search for love in a crowd of lonely people, I put my location to be somewhere much nicer. There are so many other awesome and hilarious ways that you can use this feature.

Just make sure you turn it off before you use your navigation, or you will die. Order the Samsung Galaxy S20 at Amazon.

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Are you a developer? Terms of Service. Hosted by Leaseweb. Fake Android Location. Fake your location So lets begin by turning on Allow Mock Locations.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

Tweet along on Twitter , get friendly with us on Facebook , or follow along on Instagram for all the teardown you can handle. This teardown is not a repair guide.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Teardown

To repair your Samsung Galaxy S8, use our service manual. Samsung seems to have gone all-out to provide the same smartphone experience regardless of your screen size preferences, and the Galaxy S8's specs bear that out. Any of this look familiar?

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Features include:. The S8 is a safe evolution on the S7 Edge—proportions, camera and sensor package location, and size are all fairly on par.

The Galaxy once again rocks the glass-on-glass design, making our lives difficult. We heat the heck out of this panel and apply plenty of prying picks. This guy looks pretty darn identical. The fingerprint sensor lives in the rear case, somewhat controversially placed. Using the thing with your right hand requires blindly stretching and blotting out the camera The good news is that this sensor is modular and can be popped right off its adhesive for replacement.

All it takes is a little heat and a good push.

Real-Time GPS Tracking Samsung Galaxy S8 SM-G950F

You'd think that after Samsung's less than stellar battery record , they'd have a quick eject system for these little bombs packs. And yet, this cell is firmly and we mean firmly adhered. And it's not like it's especially hard to have a removable battery—it's done all over the phone world. The Samsung-branded battery clocks in at The capacity comparison may look impressive, but reports seem to suggest that the actual performance is nothing to cheer about.

Because why not make things harder? The motherboard itself pops out with relative ease, giving us a peep at that now-Samsung-standard heatpipe. Since we've already gone through the camera shenanigans , let's get straight to the chips. Qualcomm Aqstic WCD audio codec.

Qualcomm PM similar to PM That's it for the vanilla S8. George A.

Understanding Bluetooth beacons

I would like to know how heavy the battery is compared with the S7 battery and how big volume it is. From memory, did a teardown just recently, the S8 Battery is significantly heavier than an S7 battery. It is quite a bit thinner however, so the added weight must be caused by the internals. I'm no expert on battery composition but I know for sure that S8 batteries are much more durable from a repairers point-of-view.