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The 3. The headphone jack performance is pretty standard with nothing to boast about. I understand that a bottom firing speaker is not ideal, but this is even worse and I always ended up covering it up and hence muffling the sound. Samsung is known worldwide to be the best when it comes to smartphone displays, In fact, that has also been one of the few redeeming qualities of its devices.

The viewing angles of the panel are really good though with no signs of color shifts. The brightness is really good too, it really stands head high among others in this price range.

How To Instagram Dark Mode on Android

The M10 also supports Widevine L1 which is a rarity in phones under 20, I am impressed that Samsung went the extra lengths to get the M10 certified. For people who are looking to buy a phone for casual use, I have good news because the M10 might just be the one. My everyday use was a breeze, surfing through my social media couple of times, watching videos on youtube, checking Youtube studio for analytics, Prime video, Netflix etc. I even played small titles on this and had the most fun with it.

The Face unlock and even standard pattern unlock were sometimes slow, but that was the extent of it.

When is Android 10 coming to my phone?

I think Samsung has done a great job at optimising the software and the experience has been quite graceful. Now for the geeks out there, the Antutu score of the M10 was rather low at 63, and GeekBench was low at for single-core and for Multi-core Too.

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  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

The storage inside is also not the fastest hence the slower load times for games. Now, these scores should clearly tell you that this phone is not made for the gamers out there. If gaming is your priority then you should definitely look elsewhere, preferably at a higher price range. The Samsung experience launcher has a lot of cool things implemented, for example, the ability to customize the home screen, from icon shapes, icon badges, to home screen grids.

Even the lock screen shows the notifications in a unique way, where you are shown the icons, but when you tap on them, the notification shade drops down giving you all of those notification cards. Now moving on, the quick settings panel has been very well laid out and I quite like the look of it. There are a ton of options already present in the quick settings panel like a blue light filter, Dolby Atmos toggle, and WiFi calling which lets you make calls to other people on the same WiFi network without having to connect to a mobile network.

Now, moving on to the settings, we have things arranged in typical Oreo fashion with a Samsung touch. Now rather than taking you through the whole setting page let me take you through my favorites.

How to Hide Apps on Samsung Galaxy: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

First, we get to Dolby Atmos. Now we all know what a stupendous job Dolby is doing in audio. Dolby Atmos tuning does lift the sound to a certain extent giving it more oomph if you will. So what it does is that according to your age, it adapts the sound for everything from music to phone calls. So for example when you are younger, you have more sensitive ears that can pick up sounds at lower values too but as you get older that ability slowly diminishes. Adapt sound takes care of It. Cool right? Also, the Samsung theme store has been here for the longest time and the number of themes and icons packs you can find on it are just amazing.

The device maintenance tab also has a lot of tools built in, like a virus scanner powered by McAfee, you have a built-in memory booster, there is storage maintenance powered by which also provides the ability delete duplicate images, or junk, or even zip unused files tisane space. These are all features that are rarely found straight out of the box. You also have Face Unlock on the M10, it works quite fine. All in all, I think the whole UI has a pleasant coat of paint and even the native features like the ability to simply swipe right or left to make a call or send a message respectively in the dialer app.

These are all tiny features that make the whole experience feel premium. The M10 takes some stunning pictures for its price.

Samsung Galaxy S10 specifications and features

The face tones look good and pleasant, the portrait mode looks far more professional than any phone under 10, The closeup shots also look really good, the details are simply stunning and the colors have been handled very well. We just put up a camera comparison of the M20 with Realme 2 pro and Redmi Note 6 Pro and the fight was brutal, but the M10 takes equally good pictures, in fact, the M20 and M10 have the same camera specs, and there were a few situations where the M10 took a better picture.

Now that says a lot about the cameras on a phone that is this affordable. Talking about the camera app, I think this is where Samsung just crushes the competition hands down. The camera app is the same that is used in Note 9 and when you think about that you can understand how premium that software experience is.

I am a fan of the Samsung M10 cameras and I think it could potentially be the best smartphone camera under 10, period. The Samsung M10 comes with a mAh battery. Now when you buy a phone under 10,, you at least expect to have a chunky battery. The battery will easily last you a full day of casual use and it does hold on to the mAhs well. Now, Samsung does include some heavy power saving modes on the phone and you have a few options to chose from.

That said, the one thing that I did think was a big problem was the charging speed. The M10 comes with a 5W charger in the box and it took about 3hrs 7 mins to go from 0 — A longer lasting battery mAH 3. A Fingerprint scanner What's there not to like? Today is the day guys!!! We are located at A Main St. Fort Lee, NJ! We are located at Broadway, Bayonne, NJ!

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