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Along the top of the device, the expandable memory and SIM card can be accessed. While at the bottom edge there is the 3.

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Finally, along the back of the device is the dual-rear cameras and the fingerprint scanner. NBR is more than happy to make the tradeoff for the incredibly large screen and comfortable slim design. As with the Galaxy S8, the Screen is the real the star of the show here. Of course the same unique aspect ration exists. Samsung has continued to do a wonderful job scaling everything to order and the longer ration actually proves to be a noticeable improvement when browsing web pages or reading documents.

Of course, the company was also smart enough to offer and instant crop option to allow users to toggle between the normal aspect ratio whenever you are viewing something in fullscreen. The screen boasts incredibly clear images with a PPI density. Color accuracy and detail is impeccable. The phone masterfully captures the blue azure sky and crystal clear white snow that surrounds the icy fortress. Perhaps the screens most distinguished feature is how bright it is. With a brightness of around 1, nits, the Galaxy Note 8 performs wonderfully in direct light helping to reduce glare and increase readability.

The panel is also High Dynamic Range HDR compatible, but much like with the Galaxy S8, NBR sees this more as a future proofing than a feature that users will get a whole lot of use out of right out of the box. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has one of the best displays on the market bar none.

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  • Despite the larger size, Samsung has also opted for a single mono bottom-mounted speaker. The audio quality is surprisingly solid though, doing a good job of capturing both highs and mid with near pristine quality. Nightclub by Duo Sonidos the phone did a masterful job of capturing the dueling violin and guitar without any noticeable distortions. The SPen is one of the major differentiators that sets the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 apart from other smartphones on the market.

    However, what may have started out as a fun little gimmick has quickly become a game changer. This makes the stylus not only ideal for jotting down notes but sketches and drawing as well. However, what really makes the stylus such a powerful tool is how well Samsung has designed the Galaxy Note 8 around it. The feature that really catches NBRs eye is the Screen-off memos.

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    This simple feature actually turns your phone into a real-life notebook. No menus or apps, sifting through apps, simply remove the pen and the phone will prompt you to begin writing.

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    From there everything can be saved in a PDF or emailed to a coworker. The ease and simplicity are what makes it so great.

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    There are no hoops to jump through. Pretty much every core stylus feature of the Galaxy Note 8 feels that way. The Pen is outfitted with a small button that loads a quick launch menu allowing the user to create notes, smart select a portion of the screen as both a still image or an animated gif , write a message on the screen, write a live animated message or translated text. What NBR likes most about these features though is that everything just works. The application allows you to create a short quick animated text image to send.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    Not much has really changed from a visual standpoint. However, the new App Pair feature is a game changer. App Edge was something that we loved in our preview of the Galaxy Note 8 and our review of the Galaxy S8. App Pair makes that so much better.

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    The feature works exactly like it sounds, you can take two applications and have them launch simultaneously with the single push. The great thing is how easy it is to pair up individual apps with one another, and the screen slider allows you to adjust the screen ratios on the fly. This is great for web browsing while idly watching videos or more useful things such as pulling up a weekly conference call appointment with the dialer. The Note 8 has always excelled at multi-tasking and this feature honestly just pushes it over the top.

    Samsung has implemented a number of improvements including no longer needing to pair bluetooth accessories before connecting, full mouse and keyboard support, and improved application support. With the release of the S8 the Dex felt more like a half measure. The Note 8, on the other hand, can run apps and games with full mouse and keyboard support.

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    Obviously, there are still limitations due to the computing power, but the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is more than capable of filling in for a laptop in a pinch with the help of Dex. The voice-assistant was a bit slow to get off the ground, but even a few months out of the development the feature is showing serious promise. Honestly which of these features you prefer seems to be more up to personal preference, but NBR has been pleasantly surprised by Bixby so far.

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