About us

Ilitha Publishers was established on the 11th of January 1994 in Cape Town, Western Cape Province, Republic of South Africa. The company is headed by Mrs. Nothemba Mboya the Managing Member and supported by a core staff of ten. 

At present the enterprise is involved in the publication and distribution of teaching and learning materials to primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions.  The teaching-learning materials are books that are prescribed by the National Department of Education to schools. In future the focus will be on pre-primary, primary, secondary and higher educational institutions in all provinces of South Africa as well as in the Continent.  We are also interested in distributing books to African universities. We would like to develop a partnership with a printing company that will focus on quality printing of pamphlets and books. The translation service is well established with the support of government departments. The establishment of the African Writers Academy (AWA) has further strengthened the enterprise.