Ilitha Publishers has as its strategic goal a focus on excellence in service delivery in the areas of our expertise as indicated below:

Our values are the basic principles underlying everything the enterprise does, making it what it is. The following are the values embraced by Ilitha Publishers:

  • A focus on professional service delivery;
  • A commitment to community involvement and social responsibility to enhance and improve the quality of life of those we serve;
  • An atmosphere of honesty and integrity;
  • A focus on achieving excellent standards in what we do and
  • A focus on people first and foremost - investing in people.


Ilitha Publishers will constantly and continuously strive to:

  • Emphasise productivity, quality and efficiency;
  • Explore collaborative means of business development with similar business ventures;
  • Respect the integrity and dignity of partners, stakeholders and customers and
  • Adhere to professional performance benchmarks.